You could be a Nerfer already owning many nerf blasters, or you could be planning to get new ones. Either way, to ensure an awesome Nerfing experience do consider purchasing some Nerf accessories and pumping up your blaster's capabilities. Nerf accessories range anywhere from small muzzle extensions to tricycles. These add-ons are manufactured by both Nerf and other third party manufacturers. Here we'll try to provide a comprehensive coverage of all Nerf accessories that are available in the market right now.

Note: Nerf Accessories do augment the Nerf experience but do not change core blaster performance. Nerf dart velocities and ranges are not impacted. If you're looking to boost your blaster's raw performance then Nerf modifier kits are what you need.

Nerf darts, Shoulder stocks, barrel extensions and magazines/drums are currently the most known Nerf accessories. But there are many more unknown to Nerf fans. Here's a comprehensive listing of all the Nerf accessories that you can buy from Hasbro-Nerf and other manufacturers as well.

Nerf Go Kart

Nerf in association with Hauck toys has developed this go-kart ‘NERF Battle Racer’. It’s a good looking custom go-kart suitable for Nerfer kids aged between 4 and 10 years. It can support a maximum weight of 110 pounds.

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The Nerf Battle Racer has features that allow you to strap in up to four Nerf blasters, carry hundreds of darts at a time for your intense Nerf wars. Meanwhile, the Kart in itself is of high-grade quality. A steel frame supports the vehicle, and also includes a fully adjustable seat and four rubber tired wheels. Though the Kart is manual and pedal-powered, it still includes a handbrake keeping the safety of kids in mind.

Nerf Tactical Vests

Nerf Tactical Vests are not essentially for safety or meant to be precautionary wear as Nerf darts don’t really hurt on impact. These vests serve the purpose of additional storage and let you carry a lot of firepower during your nerf wars. Unlike the Go Kart, we have many buying options when it comes to Nerf Tactical Vests. All Nerf vests are designed for kids 8 years and up.

Why do you need a tactical vest for nerve guns?

Wearing tactical vests, or what is commonly referred to as Nerf kits, is a popular way to show team spirit while also staying safe. These kits typically include safety items like helmets and pads to help protect against injury. Of course, the primary purpose of wearing a Nerf vest is to ensure you have plenty of darts so that you never run out of ammo in the midst of a Nerf battle!

Nerf Rival Tactical Vest: This is the official Nerf Vest for the Rival series. For Rival players, this nerf vest is currently the best option out there in the market. It can hold eight rival magazines. Four in the front and four in the back. It also has a pouch for holding upwards of 100 Rival rounds. This nerf vest can come in quite handy if you’re having a serious Rival battle, protecting you from the flying foam and at the same time letting you reload quickly.

Nerf Rival Tactical Vest: This is the official Nerf Vest for the Rival series. For Rival players, this nerf vest is currently the best option out there in the market. It can hold eight rival magazines. Four in the front and four in the back. It also has a pouch for holding upwards of 100 Rival rounds. This nerf vest can come in quite handy if you’re having a serious Rival battle, protecting you from the flying foam and at the same time letting you reload quickly.

Nerf Walkie Talkies

Communication with your fellow teammates is the key to winning your Nerf wars and Nerf walkie talkies are the best tools to make it happen. Currently, there are two variations of Nerf walkie talkies available in the market. One is the low-end cheaper version and another pricier but higher-end version, the Nerf 10-mile walkie talkie. Both versions require 9V AA batteries to operate. Both versions have morse code buttons that enable Nerfers to communicate in places where they cannot talk loud.

How to choose a Nerf walkie talkie?

Design: Invest in a tough and rugged Nerf Walkie Talkie, designed with durability in mind to prevent it from crashing when kids are playing. This ensures the product you purchase will be able to take a tumble!

Communication range: When selecting a Walkie Talkie, be sure to consider the communication range; the market offers a wide array of choices that come with varying distance capabilities. Choose the one that meets your needs!

Action system: Ensure that any Walkie Talkie you choose for your child is efficient and straightforward to use - it should feature a press-to-talk button and a straightforward power button for ease of operation.

Channels: Try using a Walkie Talkie with its own private channel! The various frequencies it offers will help to streamline your conversation and make communication between parties even simpler.

2013 Model: With a rugged design to withstand drops by kids, this version has an On/Off switch, and a clip to fasten it to your belt or Nerf vest. It works well for a maximum range of thousand feet and does not feature any visual screen. This model uses 9-volt batteries to operate.

2015 Model: This version produces much lesser static noise and works for 10 miles only under most optimal conditions. But this works splendidly for any Nerf Gaming scenarios, let it be a Nerf war or Humans vs Zombies game. This model uses 2 AA batteries to operate. In addition, there is an LCD screen that displays the battery level, channel number and the speaker volume level.

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FLOUREON Walkie Talkies Two Way Radios 4 Pack

The Floureon 4 pack walkie talkie set offers an unbeatable bargain - 4 walkie talkies for under $30! These communication devices ensure crisp, clear audio up to 3000 meters, enough for any NERF skirmish! Kids can now chat with their friends in the neighbourhood without any hassle. What a great way to have some fun!

Nerf Targets

When you have Nerf guns you’ll need something to shoot at. Nerf Targets would be a great addition to any Nerf collection. When you’re not playing with friends and need some targets to practice with, these options will come in real handy.

What are the best shooting targets for Nerf guns?

Nerf Zombie Strike Target Set: Includes a Jolt blaster, three darts and three targets of various sizes all Zombie Strike themed.

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Nerf Elite Precision Target set: Includes ten Elite suction darts, an Elite target, and the N-Strike Elite FIrestrike blaster.

Nerf Rebelle Knock Out Gallery Set: Includes a Jolt blaster, three collectible darts, and three targets all colored and based on Rebelle theme.

Nerf Rebelle Star Shot blaster set: Includes the Star shot blaster, a target, and six collection darts.

Little Valentine Large Size 6 Pcs EVA Soft Targets: This product is from a third party manufacturer ‘Little Valentine’. This soft target set is a set of six lightweight foam cans. Three have 25 points, two with 50 points and the top one with 100 points. They can be arranged and shot at with Nerf blasters to practice your aiming. Kid-friendly and pocket-friendly Nerf targets.

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 UWANTME Electric Scoring Target

Shoot targets in style with this Uwantme electric scoring system - an affordable, reliable and fun option! At under $20, it's a great way to add a bit of excitement to your shooting session. Though the target is small and not super durable, if taken care of properly, you'll be able to enjoy it for hours. This must-have for Nerf enthusiasts is compatible with all series guns and features a digital scoreboard that keeps track and displays all scores. Plus, when hit, the target will collapse and reset itself for continuous, intense fun. Don't forget the AA batteries needed for the electric scoring system – perfect for setting up a party or Nerf shooting contest!

Spinning Target

This unique, non-electric Nerf target displays points on each window, making it possible to play a variety of games. Whether you choose to keep track of your score depending on how many targets you hit or opt for hitting a certain score in total, the options are endless! At 18" x 11", this target is the perfect size for a great time without taking up too much space. It can be used with Elite, Mega, and Rival Nerf guns for a blast of fun!

Nerf Storage

If you want to use multiple blasters and lot of ammo during your Nerf wars, you’ll find it hard to reload, manage and carry them all simultaneously. Nerf Storage options can make your life a lot easier.

Nerf Elite Soft Transport Case: This is an official storage case from Nerf. Made of durable material, this bag can carry one or two blasters, multiple magazines and all the darts that you can carry. There is a shoulder strap and carrying handles for ease of use.

Nerf Elite Blaster Sleeve: This is a carrying sleeve that you can hang over your shoulder. It has provisions to carry one magazine, one blaster and the required amount of ammo. This is like a small backpack and has velcro straps to fasten the blaster and magazine. Good quality canvas is used in making this sleeve.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Series Bandolier Kit: This belt can hold upto four reload clips and 12 darts. And the kit itself includes two clips and 24 darts. The Bandolier Kit is good value for money and proves to be very useful during your Nerfing games.

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Little Valentine Waist-bag and Wrister: This blaster holster is sure to make you feel like a cowboy. You can carry your sidearm in the bag and fasten it to your waist for quick access. Also, you can store upto eight darts in the small wrist-belt to help you quickly reload your blaster.

Nerf Darts

You can never have enough of Nerf darts. You don’t want to run out of ammo in the middle of Nerf wars and be collecting you loose darts back. Bigger the pack of darts you buy cheaper they come. Also, there is no restriction on what type of darts that you can use with the specific Nerf guns except for a few exceptions. Mega darts can only be used with nerf Mega blasters. But Elite, Zombie Strike, Modulus, Rebelle, Alien Menace, Doomland, Suction and AccuStrike Darts can be used interchangeably. 

Mega Darts: These darts can only be used with Mega blasters. See the ‘Nerf Mega Series‘ for compatible blasters

Nerf Mega 10-pack Nerf Mega 20-pack

Nerf Elite Darts: These darts can be used with Nerf Elite, Zombie Strike, Modulus, Rebelle, Doomland blasters

Nerf Elite 250-Pack Nerf Elite 100-Pack Nerf Elite 75-Pack Nerf Elite 30-Pack

Zombie Strike Darts: Similar to Elite darts with Zombie Strike green theme.

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Accustrike darts: A more accurate darts options than elite or zombie strike darts with a tighter grouping and target accuracy.

Suction darts: Darts that stick onto to compatible targets making retreiving them much easier and scoring points as well.

Accustrike darts: A more accurate darts options than elite or zombie strike darts with a tighter grouping and target accuracy.

Elite missile darts

3-pack Missiles

Glow in the dark Nerf darts

Nerf Glow Darts 12-pack

For more information, see ‘glow in the dark nerf guns and darts‘.

Star wars glow in the dark darts

Star Wars GlowStrike Darts

Rival Series darts: These are termed as High-impact rounds. They are not darts per say, but basically small foam ballsThey can be used only with Nerf Rival series blasters.

Nerf Rival 100-Pack Nerf Rival 50-Pack Nerf Rival 25-Pack

Nerf Tactical Scopes

Most Nerf blasters have tactical rails on top where you can attach a Nerf scope. Technically they don’t improve the accuracy of shooting as they are not equipped with lenses. But a nerf rifle with scope do drastically increase the cool factor of your Nerf blaster. And if you’re doing a cosplay, these scope accessories are sure to come in handy.

What should you keep an eye out for when searching for a Nerf Gun Scope?

Look: We all want our Nerf guns to look their best, and the visual appeal of a good-looking site can greatly enhance your Nerf gun experience.

Size and weight: It is essential to consider the size and weight of the scope, as well as its durability and ease of use. The scope should be lightweight and easy to mount onto your Nerf gun, while also being durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of regular use.

Cost: How much you are willing to spend on a sight will depend on your budget and the specific features you are looking for. However, it is worth noting that many Nerf gun sights are reasonably priced, making them accessible to a wide range of players who want to take their gameplay to the next level.

Nerf Magazines and drums

When you’re in the heat of battle, reloading darts into a single magazine puts you at a big risk of getting shot. Its advisable to carry additional mags to instantly reload your blaster and carry on Nerfing. Also, Nerf blasters come with different capacity magazines. Some with 6-dart mags, and some with huge 35-dart capacity drums. Like Nerf darts, most Nerf magazines and Nerf drums are compatible with most blasters except for a few exceptions (see below).

What Makes a Nerf Magazine a Good Accessory

A drum is a cylindrical magazine crafted to hold more darts without taking up much vertical space. It functions similarly to a clip or magazine, but it is crafted with a cylindrical shape for increased capacity. With this design, more horizontal space is utilized.

Any Nerf Magazines/Drums can only be used with Nerf blasters that are clip-fed. Nerf N-Strike Blasters that fall under Elite, Zombie Strike, Modulus, Rebelle, Alien Menace, Doomland, and AccuStrike series, can interchangeably use their magazines and drums. Also, important, Magazine and Drums themselves can also be used instead of the other.

Nerf Barrel Extensions

Nerf barrel extensions are Nerf accessories that can be attached on to increase the accuracy of the blaster. Also, the Nerf gun looks closer to real life weapons with the addition of these extensions. One minus here would be that they reduce the muzzle velocity slightly and in turn the range. If you’re a cosplayer and love painting guns, then these barrel extensions are a great help in creating a life-like weapon.
To add a barrel extension, your blaster should have a slot on its front. Please make sure of it before you purchase one. Certain barrel extensions even have a slot in themselves, allowing you to train multiple extensions on your blaster. Cool huh..!
Note: Each barrel extension is compatible with certain series of blasters. Make sure you purchase the barrel extension for your blaster. Also, confirm that your blaster has an extension slot. Some blasters do and some don’t.

Nerf Modulus BarrelStrike

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Nerf Modulus Proximity Barrel

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Nerf Shoulder Stocks

In real guns, shoulder stocks give a considerable amount of stability while firing. It makes it easy for the person firing the gun to absorb the recoil from the weapon. Even though Nerf blasters don’t have much of a recoil, shoulder stocks make it easier to aim and also make it convenient to hold the blaster. These shoulder stocks succeed in giving the Nerf blaster a realistic make-over and also improve the ergonomics drastically. Some stocks even support additional features like firing Nerf missiles too.
Note: Each shoulder stock is compatible with certain series of blasters. Make sure you purchase the right stocks for your blaster. Also, confirm that your blaster has a stock slot. Some blasters do and some don’t.

Nerf Modulus Blaster Stock

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Nerf Modulus Storage Stock

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Nerf Safety Goggles and Nerf Masks

In our opinion protective Nerf accessories are a must for kids who spend a lot of time Nerfing. It is important that you protect your eyes from oncoming darts. Though the darts don’t hurt the skin on impact, eyes are sensitive and best to be covered. And with Nerf goggles, you can do it in style. They are made up of durable and clear material and are safe for kids to use.

Nerf Elite Vision Gear

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The mask nerf accessories are part of the Nerf Rival Series. The Rival Mask protects the entire face of the player while a clear plastic covers the eyes. Also in Rival series, the players are split into blue and red teams, and this nerf mask allows to identify the player of the respective teams.

Nerf Rival Red Mask

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Nerf Rival Blue Mask

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Other Nerf accessories

Nerf Shields: They attach onto the Nerf blaster’s tactical rail and blocks the incoming darts fired at you. Some even have additional features to store darts for you to quickly reload your blasters.

Modulus Blast Shield

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Other Accesories:

Nerf Targeting Light beam

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Nerf Bipods

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Each year crazy new Nerf accessories are being released by both Nerf and a large number of manufacturers around the globe. We will try to keep this page updated with all the latest Nerf accessories when they become available in the market.


Why are safety goggles important when using a Nerf gun?

It's essential to wear protective eyewear when using a Nerf gun - otherwise you're risking serious eye injuries. Safety glasses or goggles are the best way to ensure your eyes stay safe and healthy, so don't forget to grab a pair before your next Nerf battle!