The FlipFury Blaster is a classic double barrel revolver released as part of the Zombie strike series. Its very similar to the Elite Strong arm but with an additional barrel to hold six extra darts. The barrels are rotated through a second trigger below the primary firing trigger. The priming handle is at the top back of the blaster. This blaster would make a great secondary pistol weapon for your HvZ games. Color theme is as in other Zombie strike blasters with bright orange body and brown handle, while shooting green anti-zombie darts.

Why use this blaster?

Like most other blasters, this is recommended for kids aged above 8 years old, but the easiness in which this blaster can be used means even 6 year olds can wield it well enough. At dimensions of 3 x 15 x 11 inches and weight of only 1.6 pounds, this blaster is a good balance between size and mobility. It is easy to use at a moment’s notice, and the power of the shots cannot be underestimated either. Even though no actual claims have been officially stated, users have found out that the darts can easily reach a distance of 90 feet when fired. Speaking of the darts, Zombie Strike is the recommended version; but you can opt to use regular elite darts and suction darts as well. This dart compatibility is a welcomed upgrade.


The FlipFury looks and feels like a revolver, utilizing two barrels to great effects. Each barrel can hold six darts at once, tallying the total firing capacity of the blaster to be 12. The barrels, as it can be guessed, can be flipped by the user to switch between rounds. A tactical rail and three strap points are also present in the external structure. As for the internals, the engine runs on a direct plunger system. The manual-fire mode of priming allows single-fire shots to be taken. Those familiar with Nerf blasters will find the FlipFury similar in performance to the Elite Strongarm.


It’s not obvious at first, but this model supports the Slam Fire option as well. Additionally, the mechanism has been the subject of compliment for many users, enabling them to unload dart after dart without re-pressing the trigger. The similarity with Strongarm has been a major factor in the FlipFury’s success, and the firing range speaks for itself in terms of ‘fury’. Switching between the cylinders is easy to master, and the gun ensures that each shot hits the target with perfect accuracy. Reportedly, the reloading is definitely easier than that of the Strongarm and its advised to reload the bottom barrel first. The performance of this blaster is solid with muzzle speed of darts reaching up-to 75 feet per second.


Barrel and stock attachments cannot be added on. Apart from this the FlipFury blaster has no notable cons, even if nitpicking is allowed. While not a con by any means, a few users found the plunger mechanism to require a heavy trigger pull. Even fewer have stated how the short range accuracy may be disappointing. Still, there are no concrete facts that can discourage anyone from obtaining the best ‘zombie killer gun’ in the history of Nerf blasters!

You can purchase the Zombie-Strike FlipFury under 16 dollars from Amazon.         Check Price