If Clint Eastwood was to play in a game of Humans Vs Zombies (HvZ) he would definitely be using the Nerf Zombie Strike HammerShot blaster. The Zombie Strike series and even Nerf as a whole have some truly great blasters but there are very few that truly invoke the authenticity of a real retro weapon. The HammerShot is one such pistol. With a design based on vintage westerns like the Colt Python, the blaster sure feels original to look at, hold, and fire!

The paint job is bright with matte orange and gray throughout the body except for the handle. Though composed of plastic the handle is made to look like a wooden piece with a faux piece of cloth wrapped around it. This certainly gives the Nerf Zombie Strike HammerShot a rustic and post-apocalyptic feel.

Overview of the Nerf Zombie Strike HammerShot

The Hammershot is a popular Nerf blaster among enthusiasts and casual players alike. Its unique hammer-action design adds a fun and tactile element to the gameplay, and the auto-advancing cylinder makes it quick and easy to reload. The blaster’s compact size and lightweight construction make it easy to handle, even for younger players. The addition of a tactical rail and strap point also allows for customization and ease of carrying during play. Overall, the Hammershot is a well-designed and versatile blaster that has earned its place in the Nerf arsenal.

HammerShot features

Considering this blaster is meant to be used as a secondary weapon the size is big. This blaster is a handful to hold and at the same time comfortable. It can be easily primed and shot with a single hand. Moreover, it is sturdy and does not feel heavy at all.

It is fairly easy to operate this Zombie Strike blaster. You load the darts, prime, and pull the trigger. A maximum of five darts can be loaded into the revolver barrel, which is less compared to other nerf blasters. However, the Hammershot is popular for its rapid firing with an option of slam-fire. You can fire as fast as your thumb is capable of cocking the hammer. However, you have to keep in mind that only elite and zombie strike darts work with this blaster. The trigger and hammer are sensitive and easy to be played with by kids too.


The HammerShot can cover a maximum range of 50 feet, but if fired at an angle, it can cover distances up to 65 feet. Also, muzzle velocities are close to 70fps average which is the series benchmark. For a secondary blaster, this performance is good enough. Apt if not great.

Unboxing the Nerf Zombie Strike HammerShot


  • At times, the Hammershot may discharge darts unintentionally due to its trigger being overly sensitive.
  •  The ammo capacity could have been slightly higher, but this is to be expected from a revolver model.

Nerf Zombie Strike HammerShot vs Elite StrongArm

This blaster can be best compared with the Elite Strongarm in features, size, and performance. The HammerShot is completely deviant in terms of looks and sticks to the Zombie theme. The mode of operation is different and allows the players to single-handedly fire the blaster on contrary to the Strongarm, which requires two hands. Also, the HammerShot has an ammo barrel that can hold five darts whereas the StrongArm can hold six.
Irrespective of these differences, the Hammershot is quite close in caliber to the StrongArm. For use in Nerf Wars or HvZ, both are meant to be holstered as secondary pistol weapons. Both have similar muzzle velocities and dart ranges. Both are barrel fed and hence easy to operate, quick to reload and fire at will. Jams almost never occur.

HammerShot Mod

Final Word…

The Nerf Zombie Strike HammerShot has only pros to talk about and absolutely no cons. It’s a much-loved Nerf gun by Nerfers everywhere and is a great choice for anyone who’s to be introduced to Nerfing. The average retail price of a Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot Blaster is close to 14 dollars. For this price, this nifty blaster is surely an impressive deal and a great choice for any Nerfer looking to fill up their secondary slot.

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