Are you ready to fight the zombie hordes? If so, you’ll need the right gear! The Nerf Zombie Strike RevReaper Blaster is designed to unleash a zombie apocalypse at any moment. 

Nerf Zombie Strike RevReaper

With its advanced aim sight and quick-fire trigger, you’ll be able to take out those pesky zombies in no time. So get ready to save the world with the Nerf Zombie Strike RevReaper Blaster!

Features of Nerf Zombie Strike RevReaper Blaster!

The Nerf Zombie Strike RevReaper blaster is designed for fast dart firing! It has a top-loading, 10-dart clip, and 10 Zombie Strike darts. Rev-blasting does not need priming; it features a visible gear mechanism that allows battlers to observe the gears in action as they launch their darts. In addition, this blaster comes outfitted with a jam door on the left side and dual sling mounts – front and back – while the chain wrapped around the rear grip serves double duty as both a hand guard and a single unit. What’s more, the speed of the flywheels – and consequently the speed of the darts – is determined by how vigorously the user pumps the blaster.

How to use the blaster?

Load ten Nerf darts into the RevReaper magazine and slip it into the blaster’s top. Ready your target and get ready to rumble as you pump the flywheel to launch your first Nerf dart! Continue reloading your weapon until all ammunition is used; press the magazine release button at the top. Keep following these steps until peace is restored to the world!

How to use the Nerf Zombie Strike RevReaper blaster?

Pros of RevReaper!

The RevReaper blaster has many advantages that allow for even faster and more rapid-fire action. Some of the pros of the Nerf Zombie Strike RevReaper – RevFire include:

1. RevFire

The RevFire feature of the Nerf Zombie Strike RevReaper blaster allows you to fire darts without priming or pulling a trigger. Pump the handle up and down to launch a dart! – you’ll be able to watch the gears turn in action as you launch each one! With its visible gear mechanism, you won’t want to miss out on the fun!

2. Unique Design

Outfitted with specially-crafted details, the Nerf Zombie Strike RevReaper Blaster embodies the post-apocalyptic narrative of survivors who, to build their battle gear, scavenge for components from far and wide. The innovative gear mechanism requires no priming – simply move the pump handle back and forth and launch a dart easily! The blaster also includes a 10-dart clip and fun lights and sound effects.

3. Clear FlyWheel Mechanism Window

The Nerf Zombie Strike RevReaper has a clear flywheel mechanism window that allows you to see the gears spinning as you pump the handle to fire darts. This feature gives you a better understanding of how the blaster works and how it functions.

Clear flywheel mechanism window

4. Jam Door

The Nerf Zombie Strike RevReaper has a jam door located on the left side of the blaster. This door can be opened to quickly and easily clear any possible jams.

Cons of RevReaper

The cons of the Nerf Zombie Strike RevReaper are that it can be difficult to handle if you are a weaker user. You have to pump harder for the Nerf Dart to come out. So, if you are a smaller or weaker user, you may not have enough strength to get good shots.

Tips for optimal performance of RevReaper blaster

For optimal performance of the Nerf Zombie Strike RevReaper, you can try the following tips:

  • Try to get a feel for the blaster so that you can pull the handle back at a consistent distance each time. 
  • You can also trim the extra tab and backstop in the moving plastic piece to allow for a more powerful pull of the handle.
  •  Practice your aim and develop muscle memory to fire accurately and quickly. 
  • Finally, consider mounting a stock or other aiming device to help you steady your shots.


1. Who Is The Nerf Zombie Strike RevReaper For?

It is suitable for ages eight and up and comes with a warning that small parts may be generated and is not suitable for children under three years.

2. Is it worth investing in the Nerf Zombie Strike RevReaper?

Yes, the Nerf Zombie Strike RevReaper is worth the price! It has a unique rev feature that sets it apart from other Nerf Guns, an ammo capacity of 10 Nerf Darts, and a mid-range attack position. It also has a clear flywheel mechanism window and an easy-to-use jam door. With all of these features, it is definitely worth the price.