In the diverse world of Nerf guns with plenty of choices and standing out toy blasters, there are a few that really peeks our interest and makes us yearn for some more of the precious playtime. The Sling Fire is one such blaster. It captures the essence of Zombie strike series with its primary motive being an easy to use weapon for HvZ and nerf wars. It embeds both practicality and style, which we will explain further down in this article.

Overview of the Zombie Strike Sling Fire

The SlingFire isn’t the communities’ top favorite nor is it the best selling Nerf gun out there. But for sure its one of our personal favorites. This model is unique in a lot of ways. SlingFire is the only nerf gun that features a lever action priming mechanism of all Nerf blasters in production.
It’s closeness in modus operandi to a real life Winchester lever-action shotgun is what attracts us most to this model.
You can use two hands to prime and shoot the gun, or single-handedly flick the blaster with your hand firmly inside the priming handle to load a dart and fire. Simply cool, and the key reason we love this nerf gun.

Also, this is the only blaster in the Zombie strike series to have a clip-fed system. Out of the box it comes with a 6 round magazine but that can be easily upgraded to a 18 round mag, or a 25-round drum barrel by purchasing them separately. The trigger is in this model is a single blade type like in real life guns, unlike the flat integrated triggers like in other nerf models.

Customization capabilities on the SlingFire is highly restricted though. The stock is integrated and cannot be replaced with any N-Strike stock. But the stock in itself is very sturdy, improves shot accuracy considerably and sports a bright white Zombie Strike logo, all this making a replacement pointless.
The muzzle supports no barrel extension slots either. Although there is a single tactical rail on top of the front barrel that allows you to add scope or flash light attachments if required.

Unboxing the Zombie strike Sling Fire

Design and Ergonomics

Talking aesthetics, the SlingFire “shadows” the zombie apocalyptic theme like other zombie strike blasters. Classic green with bright orange spewed around, with brown handles and cloth accents to augment the rustic feel of the gun. Its neither dominatingly big, nor is it cumbersome to carry. It is the right size for a primary weapon for kidslightweight, comfortable to run around with, during HvZ and Nerf wars.


The SlingFire is not just a model of form over function ! Performance of this nerf gun is on par with the best N-Strike Elite blasters. It constantly shoots with a muzzle velocity of over 70 feet per second. In ideal conditions the darts can reach even upto 80 feet with angled shots. The lever priming mechanism is smooth, with very little noise and easy for kids to load and fire. The blasters also jams less frequently in comparison, but does come with a jam access door to clear off stuck darts. Zombie, Elite and Suction darts can be used with this blaster.

The Nerf Zombie Strike SlingFire currently retails for around 17 dollars in Amazon. The price has reduced from initial launching price of 25 dollars. All in all, the light weight design, powerful performance, look and feel, and upgradable ammo capacity makes the SlingFire worthy of the asking price.

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1. How far can the zombie strike slingfire go?

With the ability to fire six Zombie Strike darts consecutively, the blaster is capable of achieving elite distances of up to 75 feet.

2. How many darts does a slingfire blaster fire?

Equipped with a 6-dart clip and a tactical rail, the Slingfire blaster is capable of firing six Zombie Strike darts in a row.

3. Is the slingfire a good Blaster?

The Slingfire stands out from the crowd with its superb packaging design and branding, yet it takes the lead with its stunning industrial design.

Check out the price and the favorable reviews out in Amazon.

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